Kitchen Cabinet Hardware & Accessories

We carry an extensive hardware collection of knobs and handles to complement our full line of cabinetry. Don’t underestimate these relatively diminutive design finishes: they can help you bring the kitchen of your dreams to life. It’s all part of creating your perfect, customized kitchen.

Kitchen Cabinet Hardware

Of course, it’s important that your hardware motif matches your cabinetry and kitchen aesthetic, so be sure to decide on your decor style first, and your hardware as a finishing touch. However, there  are a few things you can consider in advance. For instance, would you prefer a knob or pull? What finishes do you like? Brushed nickel? Brass? Pewter? Bronze?

Whether your tastes are decorative and ornate or modern and functional, we’ve got options that are sure to suit your style.

Kitchen Accessories

We will work with you to decide which accessories best suit your needs and you budget. Want to keep garbage and recycling organized and out of sight? We have pull-out bins. Want to designate a place for everything? We offer a variety of drawer and cabinet organizers. Want to easily access commonly used spices? We have door mounted or custom fit drawer organizers. Cleaning supplies? We can supply under sink pull outs and/or cabinet organizers. What to do about those awkward corners? We offer many options for standard and hidden corners. It’s all about making your kitchen work for you!

Progressive Kitchens Inc. proudly carries the PEARL Line of Sinks and faucets. Check out their website at to get a quote.